Soundproof Server Cabinets

Soundproof server cabinets are ideal for offices. To learn more about our acoustic enclosures and other data centre hardware solutions, call Rack World Systems.

Soundproof Server Cabinets for Cosy Office Environments

Is your office server room within earshot of employees at their desks? Rack-mount servers and other computer systems tend to be quite noisy, especially when they are positioned near other people. While the constant drone of CPU fans may be distracting to some, it also adds unnecessary volume to the cacophony of other sounds in the workplace. When background noises get louder, staff tend to shout even louder to communicate with each other. You can mitigate these issues by investing in an acoustic enclosure or soundproof server cabinet.

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Professional Support and Advice

The team at Rack World Systems can help you to provide a more comfortable and much quieter working space via our range of products. Server noise reduction is as easy as ordering the right acoustic enclosure you need to house your servers and other computer hardware.

Custom Solutions

Chat with the team at Rack World Systems to find the best storage solution for you. We can modify our acoustic server cabinet designs to accommodate your requirements. Product configurations can include solid metal or glass doors, a front or rear panel as well as side panels and data centre racks that are fitted with thermostat-controlled fans for optimised ventilation.

Made in Australia

Did you know that we design and manufacture soundproof server cabinets in Australia? As specialists in the commercial and industrial sectors, Rack World Systems has the experience and the technical proficiency to customise our selection of acoustic enclosures so that you can benefit from purpose-built storage solutions that are optimised for your specific needs. We can reconfigure our designs for specific mounting requirements, aesthetic choices, rack clearance specifications, fan placement and so much more.

Zen in the Workplace

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