Server Noise Reduction with our Soundproof Server Racks

Soundproof server racks are effective in busy offices. To learn more about server noise reduction at home or in the workplace, call Rack World Systems.

Server Noise Reduction with our Soundproof Server Racks

Computer fans are necessary for cooling hardware because servers can typically run continuously for days, weeks, months without a reset. If you notice the changes in fan speeds from the mid-range hum to the high-speed whine, you might want to investigate server noise reduction options. Fortunately, at Rack World Systems, we supply soundproof server racks and cabinets for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Optimised Fan Control and Airflow

Fans are generally the primary cause for noisy computer equipment. Poor ventilation can force your climate control mechanisms to work harder which means that you often see fans spinning at peak speeds constantly. Our server noise reduction design maximises the efficiency of your equipment by ensuring that air enters via the rear intake and then exits via the fan box at the upper rear of the soundproof server rack.

Tidy Cable Management

The rear panel of the soundproof server rack is fixed which means that all cables must enter the cabinet via a foam cable portal at the back. If you need to customise cable entry points while maintaining effective server noise reduction, chat with our team to discuss options.

Removable Sides for Convenience

We have designed our products for both security and ease of use. The sides of the cabinet are removable if you need to access your mounted IT systems.

Foam Seals and Baffles

All panels and doors close against a foam seal to reduce noise leakage. The air intake manifold and fan box are also lined with foam and baffles for optimal server noise reduction.

Installation Options

  • Full metal door or small glass cut-outs are available
  • Three or six fans (with or without speed controller and thermostat)
  • Roof fans
  • Pre-installed vertical cable management
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    The team at Rack World Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of server cabinets for commercial, industrial and domestic applications. To learn more about server noise reduction and how we can improve your computer equipment storage get in touch .